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Posted by Judi Tyacke on
Hello Plants Anonymous Fans

We're exited to present you with our very first Blog.  A big thanks to everyone who helps support our humble t- shirt business.

Thanks for reading and please reach out and let us know what you're up to; send us pictures of you , your friends and family wearing our shirts, or just a little note to tell us how we are doing--we'd love to hear and are happy to share on our social media outlets.  Be sure to post your pictures on the  Plants Anonymous Facebook page

Heart-felt gratitude for your support of our great brand, please reach out anytime!

This year we are going to be starting a new beautification act .  This will be a volunteer call to action  where our fellow plant addicts who  may know someone who cannot do some of the "digging in the dirt" like they used too. This could your grandmother a friend or even better..... a complete stranger that is obsessive about their garden or flower beds and just cant give it the love that they used too. We want to help out ~!!  We will get  a group of garden hoes and diggers to come help out for a couple of hours. Contact us via Face book to nominate a fellow plant addict !


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