The Garden Hoes

Hi, my name is Judi and I'm a Plantaholic ! 

It's hard for me to say exactly when gardening stopped being a healthy hobby and became an addiction. One day I'm planting a few pansies and the next thing I know I've got charge accounts at all my local nurseries; all over my credit limit; losing my dirty fingernails; ticketed for watering at midnight; and all my friends call me the Garden Hoe ! 

How can you tell if you're a normal healthy gardener or have crossed the line into Plants Anonymous?    

Easy.... take the Dirt Test and see. Remember there is no cure... just more plants

Plants Anonymous was founded by me and my mom in Missoula, Montana, known locally as "The Garden City."  We saw the need to spread some Green Love and form an organization to help other plant addicts with their gardening addictions. Its our goal to expand this organization and form an and entire community of "Plantaholics."

Plants Anonymous

PO Box 4485, Missoula, MT 59806  - Phone: 1-406-546-8650 - Fax 1-406-728-7957

Judi Tyacke
Plant Manager

Lynne "MOM" Tyacke
Head Hoe

Nancy Cohen

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