Check out our complete line of of Gardening T-shirts & Gifts for the obsessive gardener or “plant addict”. This is just the beginning of our collections so be sure to check back often for NEW DESIGNS!Take our “Dirt Test” to see if your a normal healthy gardener or have crossed the line into gardening addiction.  Welcome to Plants Anonymous!  Remember there is no cure.... just more plants
“Making the world a better place one flower at a time”

Dirt Test

  • Do you talk to your plants?
  • Do your plants talk back?
  • Do your plants have names?
  • Do you steal plants from public places?
  • Do you keep spare tools in your car for gardening emergencies?
  • Have you lost friends, family members, or jobs due to your excessive gardening habits?
  • Do you blackout while gardening, losing hours of time?
  • Do you have a charge account at your local nursery?
      Are you over your limit?
  • Do you carry pictures of plants in your wallet?
  • Do you fertilize with secret sauces?
  • Do you water & weed secretly at night?
  • Do you need help?

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