2017 Summer & Fall Tour -Thank-you Garden Mates

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As we wrap our 2017 Summer & Fall Tour, I thought is necessary to thank all my garden mates for a most excellent year. Like most tours we had our super stars that out shined the rest and those who found themselves not performing as expected.

I will start by recognizing our newest member “Hazel Lynne” she is an adopted Lilac tree that over the summer tour produced many fragrant songs. I need to thank her birth mother Hazel for letting us take her from your alley and also my “Head Hoe” Lynne for insisting that I adopt her.

We lost two of our fan favorite Pines early on to dehydration. As your crew leader I should have seen you were struggling to keep up. I’m sorry, I’ll do better next year and pack more water.

Our Star performer was “Miss Strawberry” who took over the stage and rocked our world. She went a little crazy at the end of the season and we probably should have discussed reproduction in a little more detail. We will need to give away some of your offspring next year but I will make sure they go to good homes.

No Words for “Larry the Lupine” he’s still partying in the backyard and quite a trooper. I will check in on you my friend but soon it will be time for you to go, let go buddy.….. And get some rest through the winter. We will pick up again next year.

As I wrap you all up to keep you warm for the long winter nights ahead, I will diligently tune and repair all our tools and instruments while preparing for next year’s magic. I will miss our many long days together planning, pruning, primping and the late nights at the watering hose.

Thank-you all for your hard work and beautiful blooms.

In loving memory of our Head Hoe Lynne Tyacke -Your bloom will never fade.

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